1. Build your team of creators

Buzzoole Discovery enables you to identify the most suitable creators to achieve your business goals. Perform unlimited searches across over 2 million profiles and 550 million pieces of content using more than 20 filters and analyse real performance, audience, brands mentioned, hashtags and more. Also discover the "health" of Buzzoole verified profiles thanks to our fraud detection system based on first-party data. Create unlimited and shareable influencer lists.


2+ Mio
creator profiles


550+ Mio
contents to search through


search filters


Real performance
thanks to First-Party data

2. Create and manage your campaigns

Campaign Management makes it easy for you to create and manage Influencer Marketing campaigns. Create detailed briefs, invite creators, ship products, approve content before publication and automatically send payments for activities.


and intuitive-guided process


brief for each channel





3. Analyse the performance of your campaigns and monitor your competitors

Buzzoole Tracker helps you automate the tracking of your Influencer Marketing campaigns and get rid of dozens of spreadsheets. It measures results through detailed, shareable dashboards that show real-time reach, impressions, interactions, audience reached and other KPIs. Buzzoole Tracker is able to collect posts from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and for Instagram even the Stories. It also monitors competitors' campaigns to understand trends, sector performance and the influencers most involved.


Detailed automatic
and real-time reporting




Detail on all
the main KPIs




Can I look for influencers in my country? What about my sector?

You can search over 2 million profiles globally by performing simple or advanced searches. Different filters will help you to find the creators in your country who are best suited to your campaigns. With smart categorisation, you will be able to identify the best creators based on topics and performance.

How are performances certified?

When they sign up on the platform, creators grant access to the insights of their social channels: our technology draws from that first party data. We are able to return not only vanity metrics but also metrics such as Impression and Reach thanks to access to first-party data. In addition, our fraud detection system is able to identify profiles using fraudulent practices, detecting the presence of BOTs and suspicious audiences, categorising profiles according to their 'health status'.

Can I download the results and contents of a campaign?

Yes. You can download comprehensive reports, different result charts, and even creator-produced content. You can also simply share your reports with whoever you want, even outside of the tool, using a link.

How do I choose the right payout for creators?

Creators who join Buzzoole have the option to set the desired payouts for participating in campaigns in their profile. You can also use this information to better target your proposals.

Can I manage my entire relationship with creators in a campaign?

Yes, once you have identified the most suitable creators for your campaign, you can invite them and formulate your collaboration proposal to be sent individually or to all of them. Those who accept the collaboration will create the required content by carefully following the instructions in the brief. You will be able to review and approve or request changes whenever new content becomes available. The payment of influencers is managed independently: the payment will be assigned automatically once the creator completes all the agreed activities, but it will also be possible to manually anticipate it with a click if necessary.

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