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Can I check the content before it is published?
Of course. In this case, you need to activate 'the double-check' option.
If you are interested in this option please contact our Sales Team.
How are users rewarded for their activities?
For each activity, including participation in a campaign, publishers get Buzzoole credits that are convertible into Amazon Gift Cards.
Why does the ROI of my campaign change depending on the use of the rewarding and shipping options?
If you do not want to reward Creators who are participating in your campaign with particular items, Buzzoole will do it for you to ensure the maximum possible involvement from their side. It means that a small portion of your budget will be invested for this purpose. If you decide to send your products to Creators, we will provide you with all the contact information needed. This service allows you to get more visibility, but it has a cost, which Buzzoole takes from the total budget you allocate to your campaign.
How can I plan a campaign across different markets?
By setting up separate campaigns to reach different markets. This way you can apply the most suitable parameters for your target markets, and optimally allocate the budget.
Can I send products to Buzzoole users so they could test and/or review them?
When setting up a campaign with Buzzoole, you can choose to send your products to our Creators and so have product tests and/or reviews.
I would like to create a campaign, however I don't want to make it visible to everyone, is this possible?
With Buzzoole you can set up a private campaign: this means that only users invited to participate in your campaign will be able to see its brief. The posts will still be marked as sponsored posts in accordance with our terms and conditions and legal policy.
How can I monitor the results of my campaign?
You can monitor the progress of your campaign by going directly to 'the Reports Section'. Some data, such as details of the content produced by our Creators or the posts' interactions, are available in real-time streaming. Other types of data, like the general overview, will be available within a week following the end of your campaign.
Can I select particular users to participate in my campaign?
No, you can't select and/or know in advance which Creators will be involved in your campaign. The selection of eligible users is done in a completely automatic way: our algorithm identifies the right users according to the topics and requirements asked in the brief. These users are then invited and select whether to join a campaign.


How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with a Credit Card/PayPal or by bank transfer. With the first two payment methods you will be charged at the end of your campaign. With the second you will need to make a payment before the beginning of the campaign activities.
Which currencies do you allow for the campaign payment?
Currently, we accept payments in three different currencies: Euros, Us Dollars and Pounds. You can choose a currency for your profile in your “Profile Settings”. Once you save or submit a campaign, the invoiced amount, reports and KPis will be in the set currency.
Do you charge VAT on the purchased campaigns?
The planned budget is free of VAT (value added tax) which will be charged for the ads you purchase. If your purchases are subject to VAT, the total cost including VAT that you will be charged may be higher than the planned budget.

VAT is charged according to the country of residence. Below you can find a description of the most common scenarios:
1 - If your company is based in Italy, you will purchase Buzzoole campaigns from our headquarters in Italy. Therefore, the Italian VAT will be added to the cost of the campaigns you want to purchase.
2 - If your company is based in the EU but not in Italy, and you are registered in VIES, and you buy an influencer marketing campaign on Buzzoole, we will not charge VAT to the ads you have purchased. Nonetheless, VAT calculation and payment in your country will pertain to your company, as per reverse charge, applying the amount of taxes required by the law of the country your company is based in.
3 If your company is based in an extra-EU country, VAT will not be charged.