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Generate Awareness

Introduce your brand and your products/services to a new audience

Create Engagement

Drive conversation about your brand and products, and involve new target users


Generate positive recommendations endorsed by trusted users

Visual Storytelling

Raise awareness by asking users to take pictures featuring your products

Reviews and Rewards

Send exclusive gifts, event invitations or products to get reviews or recommendations


Boost your hashtag

Support your live tweeting campaign or boost your hashtag on Instagram

Earned Media Value

Increase your social media exposure by growing the organic reach of your content

SEO Authority

Get linked to by trusted domains to help your positioning grow!

How does it work?

Set a goal, define your budget and choose the target that you want to reach! You could save up to 70% of your budget!



WOM is the primary factor behind up to 50% of all purchasing decisions


92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people


Word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising


Word of mouth amplifies the effect of paid media by 15%


We have worked with

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Sap Startup Focus

Most innovative Big Data, Real Time and Predictive Analysis Project

Intel Challenge

Best European ICT Startup 2014

Uk Trade

Part of Global Entrepreneur Programme

Unilever Foundry

Part of the Unilever Foundry Programme for start-ups and innovators